JETBeam IIIM-ULTRA: A Powerful 2,000-Lumen Flashlight

When you find yourself in tactical or hunting situations, it’s essential to have a reliable flashlight that can handle long-distance engagements as well as close-range encounters. The JETBeam IIIM-ULTRA is specifically designed for these scenarios and offers much more. Made from military-grade aluminum alloy, this flashlight is not only a self-defense tool but also a power bank capable of recharging your electronics. It can be powered by the included 18650 battery or compatible CR123A batteries.

A Convenient Mobile Power Hub

What sets the IIIM-ULTRA apart is its innovative feature of doubling as a functional power bank. With its USB-C port, simply connect your device, like a smartphone, and the flashlight will output power to recharge it. This added functionality elevates your level of preparedness in the field, making the JETBeam IIIM-ULTRA an invaluable companion.

Easy and Versatile Control with an Ambidextrous Triple Tailswitch

The IIIM-ULTRA comes equipped with a unique patented triple switch system located on the tailcap. This configuration allows for quick mode retrieval and encourages a one-handed tactical overhand grip style. Thanks to the mode-setting tabs on both sides of the click switch, both left- and right-handed users can confidently operate the IIIM-ULTRA with the same level of command.

Experience the JETBeam IIIM-ULTRA, a remarkable flashlight that combines exceptional lighting performance, self-defense capabilities, and the convenience of a power bank. Crafted with precision and built to withstand demanding situations, it is the ultimate tool for those who value reliability and versatility in their gear.

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