ARCHON D12U LED Diving Flashight is a portable submersible lighting and photography fill light tube. It is light in weight and easy to carry. At the same time, the flashlight’s unique zoom adjustment light design makes it easy for divers to adjust the concentrating and astigmatism at any time according to their needs. The diversity of the lights has been greatly enhanced, making it an ideal dive gear for technical diving and recreational diving.

Portable diving lighting and photography fill light tube, using American imported LED wick
Three light source designs: white light, red light, blue light
Flashlight tail button switch for one-hand operation
Unique electronic anti-reverse design, even if the battery is accidentally installed, it will not damage the flashlight
Aviation aluminum material, military grade three hard oxidized shell can prevent seawater corrosionThis lamp is designed with zoom adjustment, which means that the use of illumination can also adjust the fill light.

Package includes:

1*D12U Diving Flashlight

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