ARCHON D22-II LED Diving Light is a portable diving flashlight. It is designed to be lightweight, easy to carry, with professional lighting with white LED, with superior long-range capability, to achieve the desired underwater lighting diving effect. It greatly improves the professionalism of the lamp, is the ideal equipment for technical diving and recreational diving.

Product Features:
Portable diving lighting torch, the use of US imports LED wick
PWM signal processing + constant current drive circuit
Smooth aluminum reflective cup, the ultra-high temperature treatment, plating laminated alloy reflective film
The unique luminous ring and side of the light, a non-traditional design, greatly enhanced the use of light in the water
Unique electronic anti-anti-installed design, even if the battery will not cause damage to the flashlight
Aviation aluminum material, military regulations three hard oxidation shell is more resistant to seawater corrosion

Package Includes:(Options)
Single flashlight:1* D22-II LEDFlashlight,1* Hand Grip Rope , *User Manual,2*O-ring
Flashlight Kit:Single flashlight:1* D22-II LEDFlashlight,1* Hand Grip Rope , *User Manual,2*O-ring,2* 26650 Archon battery,1*charger(Fit your country’s plug),
Instructions for use:
1. Battery installation:
1) Hold the lamp body, lamp up, turn counterclockwise to remove the lamp tail.
2) Replace the battery according to the positive and negative directions of the sticker.
3) Turn the lamp tail clockwise.
2. Switch function: press the switch button, when the light is released button (button will automatically bounce back). Repeat the operation in accordance with the highlight – low – flash – of the light mode cycle. Highlight or low, such as a long press switch of 3 seconds can also be directly off the lights.
3. Low power tips and protection: the power is down to 10%, the white light prompts flash 3, 5 seconds and then flash 3, that is, into the low state; power down to 5%, automatic shutdown protection (to prevent lithium Battery over-discharge).
4. Charging instructions: 1) the charger is inserted in the charging seat, when it is not connected to the battery, the indicator light shows green. 2) and then the battery on the charging slot, the charger indicator is red which is charging, and green that the battery is fully charged. 3) After charging, remove the battery for proper storage or use.

1. The flashlight is specially constructed and equipped with professional tools. Self-disassembly may damage the flashlight.
2. Please carefully check the flashlight of the flashlight before each dive to ensure that the two waterproof rings are intact. If broken or dry, need to be replaced or silicone oil.
3. After each dive, please use the water to rinse the outer surface of the flashlight, until the inside and outside the flashlight to dry and then properly stored.
4. When transporting or not using it, be sure to remove the battery from the flashlight. Please charge it after each use. If you do not use for a long time, at least every 3 months to be charged once. Do not knock on the battery and prevent it from heat, moisture and corrosion.
5. Do not place the flashlight in an unattended place.
6. Do not allow children or pets to contact the flashlight when there is no adult care.
7. Do not direct the flashlight to the eyes of a person or animal.
8. Do not use lithium batteries without protective plates.
9. Please prevent the collision caused by broken pieces of the lens, damage the body.

Warranty service:
This product has a after-sales service. Enjoy free warranty service for 36 months (or 6 months) of the product purchased. This product has a lifetime limited warranty after a free warranty period of more than 36 months (or more than 6 months). Replacement of important parts is subject to a cost. This warranty does not apply to the following:
1. Artificial destruction, dismantling, modification of this product.
2. Incorrect operation results in product damage.
3. Battery leakage causes product damage.
4. Before the diving is not checked whether the waterproof ring is intact, missing goods and other products lead to damage and water.

Battery Option

Flashlight Kit(26650 Battery+Charger), Single Flashlight

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