Super bright flashlight Convoy L21 A shortened version uses 1 battery 21700 (used with a rubber ring to prevent the battery from slipping) The light is suitable for outdoor activities or family use, long light time and special light able to project far away without zoom.

Note when using the Convoy L6 flashlight, do not direct the opposite person’s eyes, it may cause shock. The lamp uses xpl hi v3 chip for outstanding brightness, saving battery. The lamp head has a good heat dissipation design, helping to prolong the life of the lamp when used for a long time.

Flashlight kit

  1. Convoy L21A . Flashlight

Super bright flashlight review

  • Very good beam, very bright light.
  • The light is very bright, can cause stun when shining directly into the eyes (use self-defense, be careful when using).
  • The lamp housing is made of aluminum alloy pliers, super durable, super light.
  • The lamp fits in the palm of your hand.
  • Lamp for cold white light 6000-6500K.
  • Uses of super bright flashlight
  • Camp. Self defence
  • Night fishing. Go backpacking.
  • Bicycle mount.Mountain climbing.
  • Use daily activities.
LED Type


Battery Option

With 21700 Battery, Without Battery

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