1. Brilliant LED Illumination: The SL35 headlamp boasts a staggering 1400 lumens output. Its far-reaching beam covers 150 meters, perfect for distant tasks. Moreover, its wide-angle floodlight extends up to 54 meters, ideal for explorations. This ensures clarity during various activities like fishing, running, camping, cycling, reading, caving, and more.

  2. USB-C Charging & Extended Battery Life: Equipped with USB-C charging, the SL35 headlamp is easily rechargeable (includes USB cable). Its single rechargeable battery offers a usage span ranging from 4 to 250 hours, depending on the mode. No more worries about depleting power!

  3. Resilient & Lightweight: With an IPX68 waterproof rating, this headlamp is reliable even in extreme conditions, making it your go-to for outdoor activities like hiking and fishing. Weighing a mere 6.4 oz, it’s so light that prolonged wear won’t be a strain. It promises robust performance without compromising comfort.

  4. Customizable Fit & Modes: The SL35 headlamp features a reflective strap crafted from lightweight, breathable fabric, seamlessly fitting onto its ergonomic holder. The adjustable head lock guarantees a snug fit for all. You can also toggle between various light settings: Spotlight (4 modes: Turbo-High-Medium-Low) and Floodlight (3 modes: High-Medium-Low).

  5. Smart Safety Features: The headlamp intelligently adjusts to safeguard battery life. If battery levels are low, it gradually scales down the operational mode until it auto-shuts off. Overheating triggers an automatic mode shift, for example, from Turbo to High. And, a flashing indicator alerts users to low battery, prompting a recharge.

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