Compact Brilliance
The JETBeam EC26 redefines compact power, condensing unparalleled strength into a 3.9″ flashlight frame. Using just one 18650 battery, it delivers a long-lasting performance of 5 days at its lowest setting and a solid 2.9 hours at peak intensity. Designed elegantly yet versatile in its output, the EC26 is an optimal everyday carry flashlight for diverse needs.

Intuitive Anduril Interface
Equipped with the Anduril UI, the EC26 lets users seamlessly toggle between manual brightness adjustments or the fluid ramping option. It boasts an array of modes, from the safety-conscious lockout to the ambient candle mode. Plus, its auxiliary RGB LEDs offer a customizable splash of colors and patterns in the bezel, adding a personal touch even when switched off.

Versatile Magnetic Base
The EC26’s tailcap is magnetic, affording hands-free illumination on metal surfaces. Its flat design also allows it to stand upright, offering a makeshift candlelight, perfect for blackouts or camping nights. Whether for roadside emergencies, domestic tasks, or outdoor adventures, this flashlight shines in every situation.

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