Versatile Compact Light with Diverse Glow
The JET-1M Guardian isn’t just any compact flashlight; it’s a versatile tool tailored for home usage, daily commutes, and even specialized signaling for law enforcement. With its quad-LED layout, it houses dual cool white CREE XP-G3 LEDs that provide brightness levels from a staggering 1,200 down to a subtle 12 lumens. Additionally, its red and green LEDs offer both steady and pulsating light options.

Its ergonomic tailcap switch ensures simplicity in operations while its unique raised design ensures it stands tall when needed. Attach a lanyard for a different carrying style or utilize the side clip for a snug pocket fit.

Adaptive Design with Power Choices
While the 1M Guardian comes standard with a rechargeable 18650 battery, it doesn’t shy away from compatibility with two CR123A or 16340 batteries. But here’s where it truly shines: You can modify its length by detaching a segment of the battery tube, transforming it into an ultra-compact light that runs on an 18500 battery. This is adaptability at its best!

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