The Jetbeam RRT-M2S is an impressive flashlight utilizing LEP technology. With a maximum output of 480 lumens, it can illuminate objects up to a remarkable distance of 1000 meters. The flashlight is packaged in a compact cardboard box and includes several accessories: a 21700 battery, a micro USB charging cable, a wrist lanyard, a spare o-ring, an extra rubber boot, as well as user manuals and warranty documents.

One notable feature of the Jetbeam RRT-M2S is its RRT rotary switch. By turning the switch to the left, you can access the low-level mode, while turning it to the right selects the high-level mode. Further rotation of the ring activates the stroboscopic mode and then the SOS mode. Additionally, there is a secondary switch in the queue that allows you turn the light on off.

In terms of dimensions, the flashlight measures 159mm in length, with a head diameter of 33.4mm and a body diameter of 23.8mm. Without the battery, it weighs 161.9 grams, and with the battery, it weighs 235.7 grams. Thanks to its digital constant current circuit, the flashlight can provide a maximum runtime of 11.5 hours when used at the lowest output level.

The Jetbeam RRT-M2S features a magnetic rotating switch combined with a tactical tail cap, enabling easy access to all available modes. The body of the flashlight is constructed from aerospace aluminum and has a hard anodized finish of the HAIII type. It meets the IPX-8 standard for water resistance, allowing it to be submerged up to 2 meters, and it is designed to withstand impacts from heights of up to 1 meter. The tailcap is knurled to ensure a secure grip, and the flashlight comes with a tactical ring that allows for easy finger-held use.

Despite its non-flat tailcap, the flashlight can still be used in a tailstanding position. The U-shaped design of the tail cap prevents accidental activation and facilitates switch operation even when wearing gloves. The maximum light intensity of the flashlight is 250, candela, providing a range of 1000 meters when using a 21700 battery.

The package includes a JetBeam branded 21700 jr51 battery with a capacity of 5100mAh. This battery features an internal microUSB charging interface, allowing for convenient charging without the need for external chargers. Simply use the provided micro USB cable and a standard USB adapter. The battery also has a small status LED that indicates the charge level with red or green illumination.

The user interface of the Jetbeam RRT-M2S offers three output levels: a low mode of 15 lumens, a medium mode of 75 lumens, and a high mode of 480 lumens.

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