Tactical Precision and Power in a Compact Design

Tactical Proficiency The JETBeam T10L, a USB-C rechargeable weapon light, melds the precision of a red or green laser with the intensity of a CREE XP-L HI LED. Delivering a formidable 680 lumens, this flashlight is adaptable for constant illumination or a disorienting strobe. Its advanced control mechanism includes a tactical handling feature, ensuring concise activations in low-lit situations. The lockout attribute stands out, conserving battery life and preventing unintended illumination which could compromise your location.

Swift Targeting & Versatile Application The T10L’s specialized laser ensures rapid target acquisition and accurate shooting, visually marking the shooter’s line of fire. This flashlight’s adaptability is exemplified by its unique rail grip system, compatible with both 9mm and standard Picatinny rails. Quick mounting and detachment are ensured for tactical adjustments in real-time.

Rugged Longevity Constructed with aero-grade aluminum alloy, the T10L can handle shocks from 1.5m drops and is waterproof up to 1m (IPX6 rated). It houses a lithium-polymer battery that supports extended usage—1.8 hours for standard illumination and 3 hours for strobe. The “Tactical Mode” leverages intermittent activations to optimize battery life, crucial for extended operations.

Specifics & Functionality Designed primarily for law enforcement weapon mounting, the JETBeam T10L utilizes a US-made CREE XP-L HI LED combined with a 520nm green and a 650nm red laser, each boasting a lifespan of 50,000 hours. Its power is sourced from a built-in 400mAH lithium-ion battery, rechargeable and non-removable. It offers two brightness levels: a high 680 lumens and a strobe mode.

Crafted with anodized aluminum, the T10L stands up to wear and tear while ensuring water and shock resistance. A side-located power indicator relays real-time battery status. Dual side switches enable ambidextrous use and control over mode transitions, including toggling between LED, laser, or combined output. Quick and intuitive activations for constant, strobe, and momentary modes, along with a safety lock feature, make this flashlight user-friendly. Its rapid-attach system ensures swift mounting or removal from firearm rails.

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