Klarus RS80GT, the update of the legendary RS80 now as a GT version.

A still compact handheld heater in an aluminum housing. The 2-part housing is milled from a solid block of aluminum, not die-cast aluminum.

The well thought-out housing enables very good heat dissipation and ensures comfortable handling even after prolonged use .

The now installed Cree XHP70.2 LEDs achieve up to 10,000 ANSI lumens.

The LEDs are switched off depending on the light level, so that, for example, only one LED lights up in the low level.

The battery pack has also been updated to the state of the art and now consists of 6x 18650 with 3400mAh .

The RS80GT is based on the well-known RS80 housing, but has been improved and changed in detail.

A laterally fold-out side light with 100 lumens in neutral white has been added and can be used to illuminate a work area at close range, a nice solution for hunting purposes, for example .

The two switches for operation are new and have been supplemented with an indicator light that shows the battery status .

The switches can be locked to prevent accidental activation. (lock out)

The compartment for the battery has also been changed and is now screwed on, which is safer and since the lamp can be recharged at any time, frequent battery changes are not necessary.

The RS80GT now has 6 light levels that can be selected via the mode switch, a direct start in the highest and in the low mode is also possible.

The charging ports have been completely changed and are now protected under a silicone cover .

The normal charging process is usually carried out using the supplied power pack, mobile charging is possible via a USB-C charging socket , and another USB port allows the RS80GT to be used as a power bank .

Temperature monitoring protects the lamp from damage caused by overheating at the highest light level.

There is a tripod thread on the underside of the lamp , with which the area of ​​application can be expanded enormously.

The RS80GT has 2 threads in the housing into which the supplied carrying eyelets can be screwed. The carrying strap , which is also included in the scope of delivery, can be attached to this, so you can carry and operate the RS80GT at hip height, for example.

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