The build quality of the Lumintop CL2 is spot on. The lamp feels solid and gives the impression that it is well designed. When you shake the lamp, you won’t hear any strange rattles, noises or anything like that. It’s just all put together well.

The pattern of the knurling is diamond-shaped and relatively small, but deeply incised, which provides a very fine and good grip. Because the diameter of the tube is much thinner, it feels good in the hand.

The switch offers enough feedback for easy operation and the other material choices seem well chosen too. An interesting detail is the plastic diffuser; In terms of design, the lamp is very similar to the LT1, however the CL2 has the outside of the diffuser frosted, while the LT1’s diffuser has a smooth outside.

The matte exterior looks very nice, but is more sensitive to dirt and less easy to clean.

The housing is made entirely of aluminum and is anodized in matt black. On the top of the lamp there is a white screen print with the Lumintop logo, the warning HOT and the serial number. Overall, the lamp looks very good and has a well thought-out design.

The quality of workmanship is reflected in the threads, the thread is square and slightly finer than, for example, the LT1, but there is nothing to complain about, everything screws together smoothly and securely.

The CL2 uses 4 x Luminus SST20 LEDs in neutral white. Lumintop does not provide any further information on the exact data of the LED, but it is clear that the lantern performs well. Lumintop has produced a very good lantern with the CL2. It’s clear that it’s a lot simpler than, for example (yes, I’m calling it again) the LT1, where you can adjust the hue, among other things.

The LEDs are placed on top of the lamp behind a plastic diffuser to distribute the light as evenly as possible, which works very well. The light output is very good, especially when using 14500 batteries.

The design is somewhat reminiscent of a lighthouse, with the light radiating in all directions at the top.

The specifications show that the lamp can be used up to a distance of approx. 46 m. So the CL2 really does serve its purpose as a local light source, it’s certainly not like a flashlight you want to use to illuminate objects

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