The GT Nano is the battery-powered 10180 version of the classic BLF GT family. It is barely over 2 inches long, uses OSRAM LED, cool white 6500k, smooth reflector made of high quality aluminum, with military type III hard anodizing, which guarantees good performance of the flashlight in scratch and impact protection. This is a super tiny but ultra-catchy flashlight keychain, durable and reliable.

The flashlight is ultra-compact for its size, probably smaller than you’d expect, but it’s a real flashlight when you need it for real work. It’s a great flashlight for the keychain when you need to find something dropped on the car floor. With a smooth default user interface, advanced settings, and IPX-8 technology, it fits nicely on your keychain and doesn’t take up much room in your pocket.

The flashlight comes with a 10180 lithium-ion battery and Micro USB charger so it’s ready to use and easy to charge. With a smooth default user interface, advanced settings, and IPX-8 water resistance, the GT Nano is a must-have in your EDC collection.

The Lumintop GT NANO flashlight is a great little light! Powered by one rechargeable 10180 Li-ion battery, the GT NANO is able to produce a max of 450 lumens on Turbo mode. This tiny key chain light throws off plenty of light for its size, can fill an entire room, or project the light over the length of two football fields (984 ft / 300 m).

The GT NANO is a very handy little flashlight, only 0.59 oz in weight, you don’t notice it on your keys, but its there when you need it. It features a ramping user interface, allows you to set up your desire brightness level. It also has a moonlight mode, at 1.5 lumens, able to last for 11 hours. Whenever you are walking your dog, camping outside, looking for keyholes, or emergency lighting at night, the GT NANO is a useful EDC flashlight. And it is an ideal gift choice for your kids, friends, etc.

Flexible User Interface With Side Switch

The side switch features a red backlight power status indicator. Built-in flexible UI provides for smooth ramping of the light, output between 0 and 50%, with an easily-accessible 100% TURBO mode. With a single click, multiple- time clicks, or click and hod operations, you can easily turn ON/OFF the light, access the moonlight mode, activate strobe, or enter mode-sets.

Max Runtime 11 Hours on Moon Light Mode

Very easy to turn on this tiny flashlight on moonlight mode, with 1.5 lumens output, by a press and release the side switch as soon as the light turns on. The specific brightness allows you to have a max runtime of up to 11 hours, it is very useful to you while reading maps occasionally, camping at outsides, etc. The included charger and battery, allow the flashlight ready to use and easy to be charged.

Approved IPX-8 Waterproof & Dustproof

The GT NANO little flashlight is made out of high-grade aluminum, with an anti-scratch military-grade coating, complying with the ANSI-F1 standard. It has approved IPX-8 waterproof, dustproof, and impact-resistance at 1.5 meters. It is very bright for the size. helps you find your way to your car and get the key in the door countless times. Fits your keychain nicely, looks great on your keychain. Great for travel, camping.

Battery Option

With 14500 Battery, Without Battery

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