The Lumintop Moonbox 12000 lumen flashight is powerful and versatile, it offers a wide range of features and outstanding performance. With its impressive specifications, it’s an ideal option for those looking for a high-quality flashlight for their daily activities or outdoor adventures.

The Moonbox is equipped with three Cree XHP50.2 LED lights as the light source, which ensures superior light output. It offers multiple lighting modes, including Moonlight with 1.5 lumens, Low with 60 lumens, Medium with 400 lumens, High with 1000 lumens, Turbo with 12000 lumens and Strobe with 12000 lumens. This wide range of brightness levels allows you to adapt the flashlight to different lighting situations and needs.

Battery life varies depending on the selected mode. In Moonlight mode, the Moonbox can run for up to 20 days, while in Low mode it offers a runtime of 36 hours. Medium mode offers 6 hours of runtime, while High mode provides 2 hours of continuous operation. In Turbo mode, the flashlight offers 30 seconds of operation at full power, followed by 5.5 hours of operation at slightly reduced power. These battery lives allow for extended use without the need to replace batteries frequently.

The Moonbox also offers a long maximum illumination distance of 225 meters and a maximum intensity of 12700 candelas, which ensure a powerful and concentrated light even at considerable distances.

From the point of view of resistance, the Moonbox is designed to withstand impacts from 1.5 meters in height, ensuring its durability even in demanding situations. It’s also waterproof with an IP68 rating, meaning it can be used up to 2 meters deep underwater without sustaining any damage.

The flashlight is powered by a built-in 21700 Li-ion battery, providing a maximum output of 102 watts. The working voltage ranges from 2.8V to 4.2V, ensuring efficient and reliable operation.

The Moonbox features a side switch that allows you to turn the flashlight on and off with a single click. You can even adjust the light output with a single click. The torch offers additional features such as instant High with two quick clicks of the side switch, Moonlight mode which is activated by holding down the side switch and Strobe mode which is activated with two quick clicks of the rear switch.

The Moonbox also supports the battery check function, which allows you to check the battery status with three clicks of the side switch. The flashlight features a USB-C charging port that supports QC3.



Black, Gold, Green, Red

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