Operating manual

General mode: Low, High (with mode memory)
Covert Mode: Blink1/Strobe, Blink2
ON/ OFF: Press the switch fully for ON, press and hold for 1 second for OFF.
Change output: One mouse click from ON.
Blink 1/ Strobe: Two quick clicks from any state, another click switches to general mode.
Blink 2: 6 clicks from any state, another click switches to general mode.
Lock/Unlock: 4 clicks from OFF to enter lock mode and another 4 clicks to unlock. When the switch is held down in lock mode, the light will illuminate momentarily until released.
Turn on/off backlight: 7 clicks from OFF.
Battery check: 3 clicks from OFF, i.e. 3.8V corresponds to 3 flashes, then 8 flashes, it will cycle 3 times or click the switch will turn off the indicator.

The Lumintop Thor 5 is a sleek and compact EDC flashlight crafted entirely from titanium. It utilizes LEP technology, enabling it to emit a highly focused beam of white laser light that can illuminate objects at an impressive distance. Despite its small size, the Lumintop Thor 5 boasts a maximum output of 370 lumens, allowing it to reach an incredible range of 1200 meters. At the highest level, it produces a maximum light intensity of 360, candles and operates at a power of 9 Watts.

Powered by a single 18350 cell (not included), the Lumintop Thor 5 features a user-friendly interface with a rear e-switch that incorporates an integrated RGB light. The titanium body not only provides durability against wear and scratches but also ensures a lightweight and robust construction. With an IPX-8 standard water resistance rating, the flashlight can be submerged up to 2 meters, although it is not designed for diving. It also offers impact resistance up to a height of 1 meter.

Measuring 92mm in length and 34.5mm in tube diameter, the Lumintop Thor 5 weighs 215g (Titanium). Its interface is straightforward, featuring two normal levels (Low and High) and three hidden flashing levels (Strobe, Blink1, and Blink2). To turn on the flashlight, simply apply firm pressure to the switch, and to turn it off, hold the switch for approximately 1 second. Changing the brightness level is as easy as clicking the switch to toggle between levels. Two quick clicks activate Blink1 or Strobe mode, while another double click returns to the general mode. Blink2 mode can be accessed with 6 quick clicks. Locking the interface requires 4 quick clicks, and accessing momentary on can be done by pressing and holding the switch. The backlight can be turned on or off with 7 consecutive clicks of the switch.

To check the battery status, press the switch three times consecutively when the flashlight is off. For example, if the battery voltage is 3.8 volts, the light will flash three times followed by eight times to indicate the correct voltage. The Lumintop Thor 5 prioritizes safety with various protection systems, including reverse polarity protection to prevent incorrect battery insertion, Low Voltage Protection to alert users when it’s time to replace the cell, and Overheat Protection that automatically reduces the torch’s brightness if the body temperature reaches critical levels.

As one the most compact LEP flashlights available, the Lumintop Thor 5 stands out in the 50 format. Its portability and compact design make it easy to carry a pocket or bag, making it an ideal everyday flashlight. Not only does offer practicality, but it also boasts an aesthetically pleasing and elegant appearance, thanks to its high-quality materials.

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