With a sleek lipstick-style design, the LA10 is remarkably versatile. Simply twist the base dial to extend its diffused tip, and you’ll bask in 360° illumination that reaches up to 10 meters. When your camping escapades conclude, retract the tip for a compact, hassle-free storage solution.

Controlling the LA10 is a breeze. Tighten the tail cap fully to ignite its radiance, and a quick loosening will extinguish it. Want to switch up the brightness? Just give the tail cap a few twists within two seconds to cycle through the low, mid, high, and beacon modes.

But that’s not all – the tail cap doubles as a potent magnet, letting you attach the LA10 to metal surfaces, leaving your hands free to conquer tasks. Alternatively, use the included lanyard to hang it from a tree or tent, transforming it into a pendant light that bathes your surroundings in gentle radiance.

And when it comes to power, the LA10 is adaptable. It runs on a single AA alkaline or NiMH battery, delivering up to 1 hour and 30 minutes of brilliance on high when using a NiMH battery.

Key Features:

  • Three brightness levels and beacon mode at your disposal
  • Reverse polarity protection for added safety
  • Magnetic tail cap for convenient hands-free usage
  • Powered by a single AA alkaline or NiMH battery

Operational Modes:

  • High: 135 lumens; Run-time: 1 hour, 30 minutes
  • Mid: 40 lumens; Run-time: 6 hours
  • Low: 10 lumens; Run-time: 23 hours

Illuminate your camping experience with the LA10 – where innovation meets convenience.


Black, Red

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