3300 Lumen Superior Flashlight
The Nitecore MH12 Pro, a compact rechargeable flashlight, offers an intense 3300 lumen brightness ideal for everyday use. Its cutting-edge UHi 40 LED from NiteLab ensures a powerful 3300 lumen output with a 552-yard reach, equivalent to over four football fields. With its five varying brightness levels, coupled with strobe, beacon, and SOS modes, you’re ready for any scenario. The MH12 Pro’s Tactical Mode includes five lighting options and a strobe, whereas the Daily Mode incorporates a Beacon and SOS mode. Mode indicators make it easy to recognize your selected brightness. Plus, an inbuilt optical sensor adjusts brightness upon close-range obstructions, ensuring no blinding reflections or overheating.

USB-C Rapid Charge
Power up swiftly with the MH12 Pro’s USB-C port. Its high-capacity 5300mAh battery ensures long-lasting use, with power indicators displaying remaining battery life. On its minimal mode, it can run continuously for an impressive 650+ hours.

Built Tough
Constructed from premium aero-grade aluminum alloy and fortified with an HA III hard-anodized finish, the MH12 Pro promises durability. With its IP68 waterproof rating and state-of-the-art temperature control, it’s your reliable companion, regardless of the setting or task.

Revolutionary LED Technology
The Nitecore MH12 Pro stands out with its unique UHi 40 LED, delivering a 3300 lumen output within a 505m beam, ideal for both indoor and outdoor tactical situations. Its efficient, rounded design enhances the beam’s lumen density to 827 lumens/mm2, guaranteeing unparalleled visibility.

Versatile Modes for All Needs
The MH12 Pro offers two primary modes: Daily and Tactical. The Daily Mode is designed for regular activities and emergencies, featuring Beacon and SOS modes. In contrast, the Tactical Mode focuses on swift transitions, ensuring an uninterrupted tactical edge.

Smart and Intuitive Design
The MH12 Pro’s Sensor Protection auto-adjusts its output when near a solid object, minimizing unnecessary mode shifts. Its tactical tail and body switches make mode transitions seamless. Coupled with its Advanced Temperature Regulation, the flashlight ensures consistent performance and extended battery life during prolonged use.

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