Nitecore NWL20 CRI LED Work and Camping Light: Your Ultimate Lighting Companion

Illuminate Your World
Experience the Nitecore NWL20, a versatile lighting solution designed for both work and camping. With a powerful combination of a spotlight and floodlight, this light boasts an impressive max output of 600 lumens. Whether you’re preserving night vision with red light illumination or using the red flashing mode for emergency warnings, the NWL20 has you covered.

Precision Illumination
The spotlight offers a remarkable max throw of 93 meters, while the floodlight utilizes a COB light source to achieve wide-angle illumination with a max throw of 43 meters. Choose from 5 brightness levels, 3 light sources, and 1 special mode to suit your needs.

Long-Lasting Power
With a high-capacity 5,000mAh Li-ion battery included, the NWL20 provides an astounding 78 hours of maximum runtime. The intelligent Li-ion battery charging circuit features a USB-C charging port (5V=2A) for convenient and efficient recharging.

User-Friendly Design
Simplicity meets functionality with the one-button interface design, making operation a breeze. Plus, a glow-in-the-dark LED strip ensures you can locate your light quickly in the dark. Keep track of your remaining battery power with the 4 power indicators.

Built to Last
Crafted from durable plastic material, the NWL20 is built to withstand tough conditions. Its wide magnetic base on the back, along with a hook, makes it suitable for use in various environments. Adjust the lighting angle from 0° to 180° to illuminate your surroundings with precision.

Ready for Any Weather
With a waterproof rating in accordance with IPX5 and the ability to withstand impacts from up to 1 meter, the Nitecore NWL20 is ready to accompany you on all your adventures, no matter the conditions. Illuminate your world with confidence, courtesy of Nitecore.

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