The Superfire EM01 is a compact yet potent EDC flashlight designed for daily use, boasting dual XPG2 LEDs. When set to Turbo mode, it can unleash up to 10W of power, radiating a brilliant 800 lumens with a reach of 100 meters. Beyond its primary LEDs, it features side auxiliary LEDs that shine in several colors: White, Red, Blue, and Purple. On its lowest setting, the flashlight can last up to 2 hours, powered by an internal 500mA cell.

Crafted from durable polycarbonate, this flashlight can withstand harsh weather and impacts. Measuring 56 x 31 x 15 mm, it weighs just 33 grams. It charges via a 5V 1A voltage (Note: fast-charging isn’t supported) through a side-located Type-C port, shielded by a rubber cap to keep out debris and water. A ring on its tail provides options for attaching to key rings or wrist straps.

Controlling the flashlight is intuitive, with two switches dedicated to managing the primary and auxiliary LEDs. Its magnetic tail endows it with the versatility to attach to metallic surfaces in both horizontal and vertical orientations. Operating the light is straightforward: press and hold the main switch for the bright light and release to turn off; double-click for a strong light, press continuously to cycle modes, and hold for 2 seconds to shut off. The side switch follows a similar mechanism for the auxiliary lights.

In essence, the Superfire EM01 is the quintessential EDC flashlight: small enough to fit on a keychain, magnetic for easy placement, chargeable via Type-C, and equipped with powerful LEDs for a luminous 800-lumen output. Not only is it rainproof and waterproof, but its diverse auxiliary LEDs cater to varied needs. With its user-friendly interface, multiple output modes, and lightweight design, it’s a handy tool, perfect for sliding into your jeans pocket.

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