The SUPERFIRE HL23 is a versatile headlamp that uses a hand-motion light control system. Through motion sensors, it detects hand movements in front of it, adjusting the lighting accordingly. However, for those who prefer a more traditional approach, it can also be operated using its physical switch.

The torch offers two distinct beams, tailored for varied scenarios. It can emit a bright and expansive white light or, alternatively, a red auxiliary LED, perfect for emergencies or for minimal eye strain in pitch-dark settings. The main LED shines at 220 lumens (or 350 lumens for the HL23-S model), positioned centrally within a reflective aluminum dish.

It boasts a 120-meter reach for its primary LED. Additionally, the headlamp comes equipped with a supplementary LED.

The HL23 features two separate switches for effortless operation: a standard switch and a sensor switch for motion-sensor mode. Conveniently located at the top, they can be accessed and activated even with gloves on. Designed with users in mind, these rubberized switches are raised slightly, ensuring excellent tactile response. The headlamp’s compact design measures 60 mm in length, 40 mm in height, and 38 mm in thickness, weighing a mere 53g with the battery.

Powering the SUPERFIRE HL23 is an integrated 800 mAh 14500 cell (2x 14500 / 1600 mAh for the HL23-A variant and 2 x 14500 / 2000 mAh for the HL23-S model). The non-removable battery can be charged through a Type-C port on its rear, protected against external elements by a durable rubber cap. The light’s angle can be adjusted, thanks to its flexible plastic support, allowing beam direction from 0 to 45°.

Beside its switches, a small status LED indicates charging progress, glowing red during charging and turning blue upon completion.

Constructed from ABS, the torch is lightweight yet resilient. It is water-resistant, meeting the IP44 standard.

Users have nine output settings to choose from, including: Strong Light, Medium Light, Low Light, Strobe, SOS, Auxiliary Light, Combined Main and Auxiliary Light, Off/Red Light, and Red Strobe Light. The torch can last up to 3 hours on its lowest setting, with extended durations of 5 hours for the HL23-A and 7 hours for the HL23-S versions.

Each package includes the SUPERFIRE HL23 Headlamp, integrated battery, Type-C charging cable, headband, and a user manual.

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