Decoration: Retro camping lights make the good time of camping more refined. The appearance is very high, and it can also be used for home decoration without lighting.

Two-color optional: there are ivory white and star wild green, with a good-looking appearance and good material quality.

Smooth rotary switch and step-less dimming: The circular switch not only conveniently turns the lantern on or off, but also provides step-less dimming from 1-200 lumens to meet any lighting needs.

Candlelight mode: Using LED filament (light in the middle), the light color is warm, like candlelight, creating a sense of atmosphere.

Natural light mode: Using LED lamp beads (top light), the light color is close to natural light, and the brightness is higher.

Mixed light mode: LED filament and lamp beads light up at the same time (middle light + top light), and the brightness reaches the maximum value.

Create an elegant and romantic atmosphere: immersed in a happy moment, the radial ambient light, bright and dark is beautiful, so that the home and camping time is full of atmosphere.
Built-in 18650/2000mAh lithium battery. Stable current, long battery life, up to 110 hours battery life. Mixed light for about 3 hours, natural light for about 3.5-7 hours, and candlelight for about 7-110 hours.

Battery change supported: There is a dry battery box at the bottom of the light, when the built-in lithium battery is insufficient, 3 AA dry batteries can be used alone to prolong the battery life. Dry batteries are readily available, and emergency power supplies provide double protection.
Type-c charging: Universal charging is more convenient, with strong compatibility, convenient and fast charging.

Power bank function: It can charge mobile phones, wireless headphones and other devices. Four indicator lights show charging: 25%/50%/75%/100%

Light and portable: it comes with a carrying handle, which can be carried and hung on the device.
Waterproof for life: IP44 is dustproof and waterproof, it is also romantic on rainy days. Don’t be afraid of light rain and fog, let’s explore the unique scenery together.


Green, Khaki

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