The Supfire G20 flashlight packs a punch in its compact size, offering more than just illumination. It features a red laser pointer and boasts an IP44 water resistance, allowing use in diverse environments. On one charge, it serves you 3-6 hours and doubles as a handy powerbank. Practicalities include a clip, hook, and magnetic base for versatile usage.

The flashlight provides adjustable top and side lighting, with the side light showcasing a high color rendering index (CRI) of 90+. This ensures clarity and vibrant color representation. Its red laser makes it an ideal tool for presentations, guiding your audience’s attention effortlessly.

Simplicity is key with its two-button operation. The top button activates the laser, while the bottom controls the regular light and adjusts brightness. Charging is streamlined with a USB cable, and after one charge, you’re set for hours. Additionally, its powerbank feature ensures your devices stay powered.

Designed thoughtfully, the G20’s magnetic base lets you attach it to metal surfaces like car interiors. The clip and hook offer hands-free options. Constructed with durable aluminum alloy, it’s wear-resistant with a comfortable grip. Weighing just 220g with a compact, flattened shape, the Supfire G20 is the epitome of portability and efficiency.

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