The Tank007 E15 Ai ultraviolet Keychain Flashlight is possibly the smallest UV torch available, weighing only 12 grams and measuring 31.8 mm in length, it is absolutely tiny.

It offers a wavelength of 365 nm, for which uses include Smart Water and SelectaDNA, bank note counterfeit detection, ID inspection, highlighting UV ink and other fluorescent materials, antique/ art inspection and scientific use such as detecting some bacteria.

It is powered by 3 x LR44/AG13 alkaline button batteries and operated with the simple twist head switch. The light turns on when the head is fully tightened and off when the head is loosened.

The perfect UV Keychain Flashlight for everyday use if you regularly need to check bank notes or documents and the E15 Ai is supplied with a key chain split-ring so you can carry it with you everywhere you go.

Safety Notice:

Our UV products are at the safest end of the UV spectrum (UVA wavelength) however they should only be used by adults and responsible persons. Avoid skin exposure or eye contact. For more UV information please follow this link:

Product Features

Many uses including bank note checking
Easy, single hand operation
Lightweight, compact design


Black, Blue, Bronze, Pink, Titanium

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