The Tank007 K9-A5 is an ultraviolet flashlight that delivers UV light with a wavelength of 365 nm, and features a stylish purple bezel to easily identify your UV torch from your regular flashlight.

It is powered by an 18650 lithium-ion rechargeable battery, and included is a 2600 mAh micro USB rechargeable 18650 lithium-ion battery, which is charged outside of the flashlight via the micro USB charging port built into the battery itself. Plug the included micro USB cable into the battery, and connect the other end to a USB power source. The light on the battery will go red to show the charging in progress and turn blue once the battery is fully charged.

The flashlight turns on and off with the rubberised tail cap for easy one handed operation. A black filter that absorbs 99% of visible light but provides high transmission in the UV wavelength of light that is designed to target the 365 nm wavelength this flashlight provides.

With a wider area and further distance of UV light coverage, the K9-A5 is designed for longer range fluorescence illumination compared with the TK566, and can illuminate a UK bank note from up to 1 m in a well lit room, or up to 5 m in a darker lit room.

Constructed of tough T6061 aluminium it is drop resistant up to 1.5 metres and is waterproof to IPX8 rating.

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