TANK007 KF3 Adopt superior quality SMD LED 2535/3535 from Osram, long lifespan, high light efficiency, energy-saving, no flashing and eye-protected.

Adopt constant current switch main board, stable voltage and protection function, to ensure the performance and stability of the lamp.

Environmental and fireproof of PC material (Anti-fire grade V0), anti-static and anti-dust PMMA diffuser, light transmission efficiency up to 85%.

Aluminum Alloy T6063for Head Cover, plus hard anodized craft, generate effective protection for LED

Adopt Roofer battery cell, original Japan precision

Light material with a floating function, never gets lost in case of dropping in water accidentally

Strong magnetism up to N35 level

5200mAh Li-ion Battery, could be used as power bank to charge mobile devices(Output 2A, 5H) and tablets(Output 2.1A) 

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