This Tank007 ME05 is a small, slim torch, taking inspiration from a classic EDC pen flashlightr design in it’s appearance that is designed for medical personnel and examination.

It uses a high colour rendering (RA>95) that outputs a light profile of a neutral white light, thus allowing medical personnel to see every detail of the object. The constant current chip ensures that the light stays stable with no flicker or glare. To turn the torch on and off simply press the click switch on the tail of the torch which is designed for easy one handed control.

Powered by either two AAA alkaline non-rechargeable batteries or two NI-MH batteries, the ME05 weighs in at just 16.9 grams without the batteries fitted.

The ME05 features a scale which can be used for measuring and comparison during inspection and with the lightweight, slim-line body it can be conveniently carried in your pocket, backpack or clipped on to your paperwork.

Constructed of tough aluminium it is designed to give a reliable and long service life.

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