The TANK007 UV-AA02 is a compact pocket-sized flashlight that uses a high-performance 365nm UV LED flashlight. Produces ultraviolet light at 365nm (UV-A), producing ultraviolet light through a smooth aluminum alloy reflector. And the black lens filter filters out light waves superior to 365nm or visible light waves. 

Intensive ultraviolet light emitting device Suitable for near and far lighting use. Uses 2 x AA alkaline batteries. On-off push-button rear switch. with anti-slip pattern and clip

UV Intensity:

  • 9000μW/cm2 @ 38cm
  • 56500μW/cm2 @ 15cm

Visible white light emission:

  • 1.0 Lux @ 38cm
  • 7.3 Lux @ 15cm

The light that the human eye can see has a wavelength of light in the range of 400-700nm. Ultraviolet (UV) light is in the range of light that cannot be seen by the eyes. But the radiation interacts with the object that the light hits. Each object reacts to UV light with different fluorescence.

A true ultraviolet flashlight. It produces a violet-hued light that is lighter and brighter than the darker, darker purple or blue light.



  • Uses UV-A LED 365nm 3W, lifespan of LED lamp 20,000 hours.
  • UV Intensity: 9000μW/cm2 @ 38cm / 56500μW/cm2 @ 15cm
  • Visible white light emission: 1.0 Lux @ 38cm / 7.3 Lux @ 15cm
  • Manufactured from aircraft grade aluminum alloy (Anodized Aircraft 6061-T6 HAIII)
  • aluminum reflector lamp And the black lens filter filters out light waves superior to 365nm or visible light waves. Intensive ultraviolet light emitting device Use it to illuminate near and far distances.
  • Switch system: Tail Click Switch with anti-slip pattern
  • The head of the flashlight is equipped with a stainless steel bezel in the same color as the body of the flashlight.
  • The terminal system uses gold-plated spring-loaded contacts. maximum conductivity
  • Anti-roll design: anti-rolling torch design with clip
  • Impact Resistance: Supports impact at a height of 1.5 meters.
  • Waterproof: IPX-8 waterproof design (do not turn on and off the device while in water)
  • Constant Current Circuit: High efficiency circuit design ensures constant voltage throughout use. Support voltage at 1.0-3.6V
  • Supports 2 x AA alkaline batteries
  • The device does not support 3.7V Li-ion batteries.
  • Runtime: Continuous use for 50 minutes
  • There is a serial number attached to every product. (Individually serialized)
  • Size and dimensions: φ head 22.7mm x φ body 22.7mm X length 150.1mm
  • Weight 79.5g (without battery)
  • CE, FCC, RoHS standards

Standard equipment:

  • TANK007 UV-AA02 3W
  • Alkaline AA batteries x 2
  • Spare O-Rings x 2
  • Lanyard
  • user manual
  • 2-year product warranty under the conditions of the manufacturer’s warranty (2-year limited warranty)

Useful benefits:

  • forensic science forensic work Verification of latent fingerprints, blood stains, liquid stains that cannot be seen with the naked eye (Forensic investigation & evidence collection)
  • Inspect fingernails, toenails, tissues
  • Check for fine dust particles that are invisible to the eye.
  • Check for oil stains. And various contaminants on clothes, bedding, household items
  • Used in the pharmaceutical industry and manufacturing
  • used for mineral analysis Jewelry gems (Ore exploration)
  • used to inspect art objects, antiques
  • Use for checking important documents such as banknotes, credit cards, passports
  • Check for Invisible Ink
  • Check for traces of glue.
  • non-destructive testing (Non-destructive Testing) to know the quality of the workpiece being tested by finding the discontinuity marks in the workpiece.
  • Check for chemical leaks inside the pipes. or machinery Used to look for leakage points in pipes within a building or factory.
  • Check for gas leaks.
  • Used to detect fluid leaks in engines, radiators, and air conditioning systems.
  • Check for fluorescent residue. Or whitening agent on products used in daily life such as paper towels, toilet paper, plastic, cosmetics, cotton wool, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, plastic packaging, dishes, glasses made of paper, etc.
  • Used to accelerate the chemical reaction of ink in writing, printing, printing color on the surface of the material. oil painting work The ink cures quickly without volatile substances, resulting in 100% color volume, high quality UV curing.
  • Check pet waste excretion stains. Tracing the traces of rats in the house, factory
  • Check for scorpions, spiders, animals and insects hiding in the dark.

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