Tank007 WF01 is a practical micro USB rechargeable, powerful LED keychain flashlight in the shape and size of a lighter. The lamp head can be rotated 180°. There is a metal clip on the back for attaching to a belt. Powerful Cree XP-G2 with a maximum light output of 350lm is installed in the head of the lamp. The color of the light is cold. It shines at a distance of 50m. The reflector is made of OP-orange peel, for great lighting in the distance, but I also illuminate the wider surroundings. For on/off control of the lamp is served by a rubberized switch located on the upper side of the lamp body. It offers 3 light modes 100%, 75%, and 25% + 2 flash modes STROBE and SOS. The body is made of hardened aircraft aluminum with surface treatment. 

WF01 is a very light lamp, pleasant to carry, either in a pocket or behind a belt. It also has an eyelet on the back for the possibility of attaching e.g. keys (the metal O-ring is not part of the package). A built-in Li-ion battery with a capacity of 280mAh is hidden in the body. The battery is charged using side micro USB connector in the body of the lamp. It is signaled by the lighting of the indicator LED at the switch to red. When fully charged, it lights up green. Tank007 WF01 is similar in size to a lighter, extra powerful and light. Charging the battery in the lamp body is also a great feature. It is an excellent helper for everyday wear.

Package contents:
Lamp, built-in Li-ion battery 280mAh 3.7V (inserted in the lamp), metal belt clip, micro USB cable, manual.

Light control:
The lamp turns On/Off. by pressing and holding the switch on the upper side of the lamp body for approx. 2 seconds. The lamp will light up. Changing the light modes occurs by cyclically pressing the switch. The lamp has a mode memory, which means it remembers the last selected mode.

To select the STROBE flash mode, press the switch 2 times in quick succession while it is on. To change to SOS mode, press the button again. To return to light modes, quickly press the switch twice.

When the switch is pressed 3 times in a row in the off state, the flashing function of the signaling LEDs near the switch will be selected, which will alternately flash green and red to make it easier to find the lamp in the dark.

The lamp head can be rotated 180°. Simple positioning with the pressure of a finger.

Battery charging:
To the micro USB connector, which is hidden under the rubber cap on the side of the lamp body. Insert the micro USB cable. Charging is signaled by the indicator LED at the switch turning red. It lights up green when fully charged. Disconnect the micro USB cable and push the cover back.

If the sealing o-rings on the lamp show signs of damage, replace them. The rings must also be lubricated to prevent rubber erosion. By regularly greasing the sealing o-rings, your lamp will be protected against external influences. If the lamp flashes or does not light up, it may be caused by:

Batteries are almost empty – charge them or replace them.

The contacts inside the lamp are clogged – clean them and apply Dioxide or another contact preparation.

If the head, body, or back of the lamp is loose – add lubricant to the sealing rings and tighten the fixed head and end of the lamp.

Insert the batteries with the positive pole towards the head of the lamp to avoid damage to the lamp.

Li-ion batteries are not suitable to be completely discharged due to the shortening of the battery life. if you notice a significant decrease in the luminosity of your lamp, the battery must be charged.

The lamp has a large light output. When shining, do not look into the reflector and make sure that you do not shine directly into the eyes of other people.


Black, Gold, Red

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