Weltool is known for manufacturing high-quality light heads that can be easily adapted to various flashlights, and the Weltool LH3 is no exception. The LH3 is a cutting-edge Laser Excited Phosphor (LEP) light head that combines Weltool’s exceptional design with Surefire M600DF compatibility. It boasts several beloved features, including a double-sided anti-reflection coating lens, reverse polarity protection, over-discharger protection, and a low voltage warning function.

The Weltool LH3 light head is compatible with the Surefire MDF flashlight. Additionally, it can be used with the Weltool W35 18350 weapon light body or the W65 18650 light head body. Despite its compact weight of only 91 grams, this small LEP flashlight head delivers an impressive output of up 335 lumens and ,275 candela, with a peak distance of 886 meters. Its remarkable throw distance ensures a wide beam reach, while its extended battery life guarantees ample usage time.

The Weltool3 light head utilizes a unique LEP light emitter that minimizes spill light, maximizing light intensity and maintaining brightness for longer durations. It produces a steady, concentrated, and evenly distributed output. With its exceptional throw capability and highly collimated beam, the Weltool LH3 can penetrate dust, smoke, and rainstorms and temporarily blind an attacker without exposing team members or interfering with their visibility, thanks to its tight beam and lack of spill light.

Constructed from solid and durable hard-anodized aluminum, the LH3 ensures longevity and reliability. Its battery life surpasses that of an average flashlight. When using a rechargeable 18350 Li-Ion battery, the lowest light output setting provides approximately 50 minutes of runtime. Alternatively, a single 50 rechargeable Li-Ion battery can power the Weltool LH3 for a maximum of 2.7 hours.

As an added feature, the Weltool LH3 LEP light head incorporates an innovative low-voltage warning function instead of a power indicator, enhancing its stealthiness.

The Weltool LH3 LEP light head is particularly well-suited for special forces training and operations. It is not only ideal for law enforcement and military applications but also perfect for target shooters looking to enhance their nighttime skills. The LH3 LEP flashlight head is designed with compatibility in mind, allowing for various mounting configurations that enable exceptional long-distance visibility regardless of the time of night.

With its superior luminance, contrast, and impressive throw distances, the Weltool LH3 is undoubtedly a valuable product to have on hand.

Please note that this offering is for the Weltool LH3 head only and does not include a complete flashlight. The product may or may not come in its original packaging, as we may need to open a W35 to sell the head separately.

Note: The V2 version of the LH3 is more suitable for SF60DF and MH62 light bodies, featuring slight size adjustments for better fitment.


This light head uses a high-power LEP light source produced by a third-party manufacturer. The optical power exceeds 0.2W, classifying it as a Class IIIb laser product. Users must adhere to local laws, regulations, and associated precautions. Any legal matters are unrelated to the manufacturer and seller. Prior to usage, please read the “laser safety label” included in the package and ensure familiarity and compliance.

While using this light, it is possible to attach a standard opaque protective cover to the head cover as a light path sealing device, effectively blocking all light the light outlet.

Except for authorized law enforcement personnel, it is strictly prohibited for others to use this light to illuminate the human body. Additionally, irradiating moving aircraft and vehicles is strictly forbidden.

Under no circumstances should this light be used to illuminate mirrors, glass, or any objects that may reflect light on their surface. The damage caused by reflection can be equivalent to direct exposure.

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