The M2 UV flashlight, also known as a black light, utilizes a high-efficiency pure 365nm UV-A LED with a LED radiation flux of 2100mW. Its compact body features a steel clip included as an accessory, making it portable and easy to carry.

It’s important to note that the visible wavelength range perceivable by the human eye is typically between 400-700nm. The dominant wavelength of the M2 flashlight is precisely 365nm, emitting less visible light. As a result, the M2 flashlight is not intended for use as a bright source of illumination. Its primary purpose is to provide a pure 365nm wavelength, which offers superior performance compared to ultraviolet lights operating at other wavelengths (380-400nm).

The M2 “Purple Beard” UV 365nm is a professional-grade UV detection flashlight designed for various professional fields:

UV Curing: The M2 UV flashlight is perfect for the rapid curing of certain adhesives that require a 365nm UV wavelength. It can be used in applications such as ink curing for printing, oil painting, and wood instrument processing.

Forensic Investigation & Evidence Collection: When illuminated by UV light, proteinaceous materials emit fluorescence. The M2 flashlight is invaluable for detecting body fluids, blood, fingerprints, and fibers, and analyzing bite marks and bruises. It’s also useful for detecting fraudulent documents like ID cards, visas, passports, credit cards, and banknotes. Additionally, it aids in arson investigation through the detection of chemical combustible spattering, car theft forensics by identifying car ID labels, and vehicle accident analysis.

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT): The compact design of the M2 flashlight makes it ideal for on-site fluorescence penetrant testing and fluorescent magnetic particle inspection in narrow spaces found in ships, pressure vessels, draught fan blades, and other equipment.

Leak Detection: By utilizing the fluorescence reaction of ethylene glycol in cooling systems, the M2 black light can detect leaks in car radiators and air-conditioning refrigerants when a fluorescent agent is added. It can also detect engine and oil pipeline leaks.

Ore Exploration: Certain types of ore cannot be easily identified with the naked eye but exhibit distinct colors under UV light. The M2 flashlight is useful for quickly identifying these ores. It can also be used for screening gems, amber, jade, artifacts, antiques, and detecting signs of fraud or glue.

Hygiene: The M2 flashlight plays a role in riboflavin validation in pharmaceutical companies, inspecting human body fluid and other tissue pollutants in public places, cleaning oil stains, and detecting traces of urine from rodents like rats in warehouses.

Home Use: The M2 UV flashlight is handy for locating pet defecations, identifying oil or contaminants in the kitchen and bathroom, inspecting sanitary products, clothing, cosmetics, and checking for fluorescers in paper towels.

Outdoor Activities: The M2 UV flashlight’s beam causes scorpions to glow, making them easily visible in the dark. Many mushrooms, flowers, fruits, seeds, insects, bees, and small crabs reveal their magical qualities under the illumination of the M2 flashlight, even more so than at night or during daylight hours.

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