The Weltool W3 Pro “Featherless Arrow” is a refined model of the W3, boasting an impressive 505 lumens! It achieves a light intensity of 363,375 Candela and has a reach of about 1,205 meters. Powered by a 21700 rechargeable lithium-ion battery, it utilizes a top-tier constant current IC and temperature control to prevent overheating. The W3Pro’s LEP light source, combined with a unique lens reflection system, produces a radiant light beam. Its high and low settings are straightforward and useful.

The Weltool W3 Pro is a tactical flashlight characterized by its focused beam, almost devoid of spill. It shines like a spotlight, optimized for long-range illumination and crafted for specific tasks.

“The Featherless Arrow” – A beacon piercing through the dark!

How to Use:

  1. Rotate the flashlight tail cap counter-clockwise to open. Insert the battery with the positive side facing the head. Tighten the tail cap by turning it clockwise.
  2. The flashlight has protection against reverse polarity. If incorrectly installed, the flashlight won’t work but remains undamaged. If it doesn’t turn on, inspect the battery’s orientation.
  3. A half-press on the tail switch activates the flashlight in high mode. Releasing it turns it off.
  4. After a half-press start, release quickly, then half-press again to switch to low mode. Toggle between modes with this action. A full press locks the current brightness, and another full press turns it off.
  5. When battery power depletes, the flashlight will blink. Swap the battery when this happens.

Care & Precautions:

  • Do not disassemble; it could void your warranty.
  • The flashlight heats up in use. For safety, use it outdoors when it’s cooler than 25°C and windy. If it’s too hot to hold, switch it off. For indoor use, operate it for less than 10 minutes at a stretch.
  • Replace the O-rings periodically for water resistance.
  • Apply professional-grade lubricant to the threads.
  • Clean contact surfaces with an alcohol swab to avoid flickering.
  • Store without the battery. Recharge lithium-ion batteries every 4 months.
  • This isn’t designed for underwater use.
  • Avoid pointing at eyes or bare skin.
  • Keep away from children.

WARNING: The W3 Pro uses a high-efficiency LEP emitter, rated between 0.22 – 0.25W, and is classified as a Type IIIb laser. Comply with relevant laws when using. Your use signifies you’ve acknowledged the “Laser Safety” notes, absolving the manufacturer and sellers of liabilities. The tail cap is a vital safety feature, acting as an immediate shut-off switch. An opaque lens protector is included to block out the light if needed.

For safety:

  • NEVER point at people, reflective surfaces, operating vehicles, or aircraft.

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