W35LEP weapon-mount light boasts an impressive throwing distance of up to 886 meters! Equipped with a unique LEP light source, this light offers highly concentrated illumination without any flooding, providing an astonishing light intensity of up to 196,275 candela.

Dubbed the “Metal Lancer,” this extraordinary device possesses formidable long-range shooting capabilities. Its tightly focused beam effectively suppresses the target’s line of sight, momentarily blinding or disorienting opponents without obstructing the vision of teammates. No longer will floodlights or accidental exposure be a concern for your squad.

The W35LEP “Metal Lancer” harnesses a high-concentration beam akin to a razor-sharp blade piercing through darkness. It effortlessly cuts through muzzle smoke, rainstorms, and dust, ensuring precise targeting even in challenging conditions. As such, it proves especially invaluable for special forces personnel during missions and training exercises.

The W35 light features mounting holes that are designed to accommodate Weltool PM4 mounts. Additionally, it is compatible with Surefire RM45, AMERICAN DEFENSE MFG AD-SF, and certain rail mounts manufactured by Arisaka Defense, MAGPUL, and Unity Tactical. However, please note that the Surefire M75 mount is not compatible.

This versatile light is suitable for use with most AR rifles, as well as short-barreled rifles or carbines. It adheres to the IP67 protection standard, ensuring waterproof and dustproof performance, as well as resistance to shock and vibration. The tactical switch allows for convenient operation—simply press lightly to instantly activate the light silently, or engage the lock function to keep it on.

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