Experience Unmatched Illumination: WUBEN A1 Rechargeable Flashlight

Prepare to be dazzled by the WUBEN A1, the most powerful flashlight on the market. Featuring 4*SBT90 LEDs, it delivers an astounding maximum output of 20,000 lumens, with a remarkable range extending up to 2,000 meters. Tailored for search and rescue missions, this flashlight is your ultimate companion.

Intuitive Operation with 8 Modes

Operating the rechargeable flashlight is a breeze. Utilize the side switch or remote control to swiftly cycle through 8 distinct brightness modes. A helpful blue breathing light assists you in locating the flashlight in the dark.

Efficient Recharge and Power Management

Powered by a robust 33,600mAh battery pack, the LED flashlight ensures long-lasting performance. Check the remaining power and charging status with the convenient power indicator on the back. Fast charging is accomplished in a mere 5 hours using the provided DC power adapter, and the flashlight even doubles as a power bank via USB-A.

Rugged Durability Meets Toughness

Crafted from hard anodized aerospace-grade aluminum, the WUBEN A1 boasts impressive durability. It’s not only IP68 waterproof but also capable of withstanding impacts up to 1.5 meters. Equipped with a dual intelligent temperature adjustment system, it’s designed for reliable and consistent use.

Portability Redefined with Thoughtful Design

The super-bright flashlight features a detachable handle with a silicone surface, ensuring a secure grip. A hidden lanyard hole makes it effortlessly portable. Included accessories further enhance its utility, including 8 rechargeable batteries, a shoulder strap, a hard case, spare O-rings, screws, a power adapter, and a user manual.

Elevate your illumination game with the WUBEN A1 Rechargeable Flashlight—a powerhouse of light designed to meet the most demanding challenges.

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